Online Training

Anytime on Any Device!

Online Training Demo

The response for Carnival Industry online training has been quite exciting.  We have received some great feedback on where this is headed.

Here is what is planned:

  • Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device – Training programs will be created as ‘responsive’.  That means that Learners will be able to take the training on their phone, tablet, or laptop.  If the device can connect to the internet, then training can be accessed and results recorded.
  • Micro-learning – The programs will be administered in short segments which will make it easy when on the road or when a Learner has a few extra minutes between other activities.
  • Online Store – Courses will be available in a self-service format.  Owners and Supervisors will be able to purchase as many courses as needed and assign those courses through email.
  • Reporting – We will work with each company to provide status updates on where their Learners are in the process.
  • Offerings – Course offerings will be include worker safety, guest safety, back of house activities, fundamental skill and knowledge, and equipment operation.  We will roll out training in phases as they have been reviewed and approved for use.
  • Spanish – Sí! Courses will be offered in Spanish as well.

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Here are a few DEMOS of the online training programs that we creating. Keep in mind that these are DEMO versions only.

(PS. Try them on multiple devices to see what the Learner will experience.)

(PSS. Be sure to play the audio narrations and check the Spanish translation in the NEC 525 DEMO)

NEC 525 Placement of Rides DEMO

Electrical Safety DEMO

Zipper Operation DEMO

We would love feedback.  Email Bucky to provide feedback.